Keep your body in Balance<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2252

Keep your body in Balance
Amy Havens
Class 2252

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Thank you Amy
I like how you talked pelvis sacrum relationship and use the same movement explanation in teaser work . That really felt good to connect my foot work with all reformer sequence
Thank you all so much....glad you've enjoyed this 'go to' class! :)
Always love the cues and images as you go through the exercises. I really like the Horseback since I don't often see it performed. Amy, thanks once again for a great,slow paced workout!
Hi Sandra....thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment....and specifically what you liked about the class, that helps me a lot! :)
Just what the doctor ordered! Thank you!
Really enjoyed exercise chooses. Thanks for all the hamstring reminders, I so need it ;)
Very similar to my own "daily vitamins"! Thank you! I'm addicted to semicircle these days! :)
Amy Havens!!!! That was really great!!!!! I loved the tip for Teaser: tuck your tailbone to close the reformer!!! the image of this tailbone moving the reformer was really helpful!!! thank you so much
Second time through and still finding more gems! Thx!
I LOVE your classes. The pace is great and the explanations always good. Thank you! I always look forward to the classes that you teach!!!
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