Keep your body in Balance<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2252

Keep your body in Balance
Amy Havens
Class 2252

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Amy thank you. Really loved the fists version which actually did help a lot to find different spots:))
Terrific, quick "go to" class. Always appreciate your great fine tuning cues!
Hi Amy! Gosh I feel like I haven't done when your classes in ages! This was great! I loved your cues on flexion and extension for each part of the spine. Sometimes I feel as if when I flex my lumbar I also do the thoracic so it's good to really focus on what should be moving and what shouldn't be. Hope I'm making sense! Just love that hamstring stretch at the end.... just what I needed after going for a run on this lovely Sunday morning.
You explain things so well!! Love your classes!
That was really great. Loved how it was edited to make it snappy. Lots of variety and clear instruction. Teaser a bit tricky for me. Are there any variations you would suggest to make it easier??? Thanks Amy.
Great class, Amy! I like the way you think.
Michele M
Beautiful transistion from level 1 to level 2...great cueing! Thank you Amy:)
Really nice workout.Love your cues through semi-circle. Thank you!
Loved this, but I don't have the same pilates reformer, I had to modify mine, but I liked this video. I absolutely could not do 2 of them that required you to lift with your abdominals and take your legs over your head. Good work out though. If I can get my abs stronger and my back, then I might be able to do all of them. Maybe I need more level one to get me going better.
Great workout thank you Amy! enjoyed semi-circle with high foot bar which I have never done before. Horseback is one of my least favourite exercises which I normally avoid, but somehow you got me doing it!! thanks feel great
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