Piece Everything Together<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2266

Piece Everything Together
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2266

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THANK YOU! Great Energy. Great Instruction.
It's a wonderful workout and is perfect in timing. -Both in speed and the actual time of the class.

Yes please grow the series so it can be done every day.
And then...please grow a level 2/3 series! :) You've planted such great seeds, I'd love an entire garden.
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Loved these progression classes, will look out for more to come. I feel like there is no stopping me now :)
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Absolutely LOVED this class, thank you! Great sequence and very clear and helpful corrections. Worked hard and enjoyed it too!
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Thank you so much. I loved your class and by the way I do like the neck pull!! I especially liked the way you broke it down I felt it a whole new way ans enjoyed it very much. Thanks again!
Loved the series, the way the progression went on building up and how the explanations were precise and very clear. Thanks so much for this, will definitely repeat this classes!
Benjamin's cueing is always excellent. You almost don't need the video to follow his class.

When can we expect to see Benjamin offering his level 3 Mat class of this series?
LOVE your classes Benjamin and its made me realise I should push my newbies a little harder but use these very safe logical progressions
Love this serious! Thank you!!
enjoyed your class so much... your tone, your cues, your humors... thumbs up
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