Rhythm Pilates®<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 2273

Rhythm Pilates®
Lisa Hubbard
Class 2273

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Beautiful movement--absolutely beautiful. Fluidity in Motion. It was a very special, unique class. I can decently do the 1st half and need to go back to the breakdown and learn the 2nd half before trying this again. I think it's a pretty advanced class. I really enjoyed it. It was peaceful yet strong. I LOVE the flow and the music. This is a class to keep in your favorites list and to de-stress to. I really enjoyed it and truly look forward to getting better and stronger at. Thank you!
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Thank you for this flowing Class, i love it
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Love this, the wave of the future...Gorgeous teacher, wisely utilizing color energy, cyan blue. All eyes on beautiful and inspiring Lisa. Once I master the breakdown, I will flow through this like I own it. Masterful selection of vibe music that affects your nervous system in a positive way. I have work to do with this class, but I love it. Thank you.
Lisa Hubbard
I am delighted to get such wonderful feedback, thank you! I am absolutely am in love the music and appreciate hearing Judy's comment about the vibes and the positive effect that it has on the nervous system. Music to my ears! With gratitude!
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Wonderful class with a great teacher! I love the flow and the music.
Thank you Lisa for this amazing workout:)!
Lisa Hubbard
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Thank you Daniela! SO sweet, I appreciate it
I do quite a bit of yoga, so I'll incorporate some of these sequences. I liked the music too. Thanks Lisa!!
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Wow! What a class. I loved it. I am not a yoga person but I loved so much of this that I want to incorporate in some of my mat exercises. Just great. One of my favorites.
Lisa Hubbard
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Wonderful Elizabeth & Sandra! I'm more of Pilates minded, but adore what yoga has to offer my mental state as well as the physicality of it's deep & intentional work.
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Awesome Class!! Thank you so much!! Pure Joy!!
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