Pre-Pilates Fundamentals<br>Alan Herdman<br>Class 2295

Pre-Pilates Fundamentals
Alan Herdman
Class 2295

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I watched but didn't do, doesn't matter it was such a good learning tool for me as a teacher. Pilates is a marathon, not a sprint! Thank you Alan well worth watching, lots of good info. All I'm lacking is that distinguished British accent!
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Loved it. Beginner work makes my advanced work all the better, and I am loving all of Alan Herdman's classes.
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I agree with with both of the above! In my math classes there is always someone new, and this makes so much sense. Even the most experienced need this work. We tend to forget..
Thank you!
Mr. Herdman, i've watched several times, and always learn so much more.! i am so curious as to the answer to the question you asked, "what were you thinking as you rolled down?" You said Good answer, but i could not hear the answer!!
Love the cues! thank you!
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May all of our clients be patient and willing "to feel" the centering aspects of Pilates, so brilliantly understood and communicated by Alan Herdman. Your posture represents a lifetime of elegant movement training. I admire you as a role model. Thank you.
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Lovely class Alan reminding me of our training in London two years ago!! Hope you put more videos up soon :)
Excellent class in every way. Thank you.
Excellent class for me ...... thank you very much Alan.
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Thank-you for freeing me from thinking of my vertabrae on the pelvic lift. Great practice to think of the 'other' side of the body when the one in focus isn't entirely free.
Great Lesson! I love these fundamental movements. so important to build on. Excited to watch the rest of the series.
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