Pre-Pilates Fundamentals<br>Alan Herdman<br>Class 2295

Pre-Pilates Fundamentals
Alan Herdman
Class 2295

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As an instructor this was a great way for me to reconnect after having my baby. Thank you.
Am trying out your beginners series while on holiday and it's just perfect (thus far) to reconnect to the basic principles. Thank you! Looking forward to slipping in another session this evening as I can't wait another day
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I found this progression when looking for a set of workouts that allows me to work through the basics of Pilates and build on them to help me progress. I've done Pilates on-and-off for some years already and almost didn't do this workout because it said it's for absolute beginners. Now I'm so glad I did! This is some of the most insightful and useful cueing I have ever seen (online or in real life) and I would recommend this to anyone, on any level. Thank you Alan!
Hen C
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Amazing so thoughtful and what wonderful imagery. As a trainee teacher this is so helpful. Will be watching all of your classes. Thank you so much Alan, such an inspiration.
Jo Landis Shields
Dear Alan, I was a participant in this class and I want you to know that I continued to reflect, absorb and work on these important, fundamental and challenging movements -and I have improved! This series, so patiently and expertly taught, has stayed with me all these years. Thank You!
Cynthia G
Gentle but firm. Feel not force.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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