Standing Tower Flow<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Class 2339

Standing Tower Flow
Michael F. & Ton V.
Class 2339

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Love tower workouts, love standing Pilates, love balance work. Most of all love 2 outstanding teachers who crack jokes throughout the class. So much fun. Thank you!
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in a word - YUM....2nd word - yowza - those sgl leg squats - oh my! Love this....thank you!
Kinney F
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You guys rock!
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Super fun! Those single leg squats were killer!
Thank you Angela, Jennifer, Kinney and Rachel. We are glad you enjoyed the workout. Yes the squats are....well....challenging.
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Loved it! I love that there was only one switch of the springs throughout the whole session. That karate kid move was a killer I could not do it!
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Like always, great teaching. !

Guys use leg springs ? Or just move further out ?

Thank you.
Thanks Ileana. You can always use leg springs or move further out, it depends on the strength of your springs and the capabilities of your client. We don't like to say "only guys use leg springs" because there are many women who can and should use leg springs!
Thank you Connie Murtaugh. Keep trying the Karate Kid! One day you might surprise yourself!!!!!
Love standing work! The single leg squats were challenging indeed. I couldn't get back up! Thank you for another awesome class:)
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