Quick Energy Boost<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Class 2343

Quick Energy Boost
Michael F. & Ton V.
Class 2343

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Karen M
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LOVED this quickie. The different camera angle was helpful. I have marked as a favorite and will look for more from Michael and Ton. Please make more classes. Thank you
Thank you everybody. Glad you are having fun with this boost of energy.
Sharon O
Fun and energizing!
Beth S
Love the length, pace, humor and focus. Thank you!
Fantastic workout. Really enjoyed this class.
Great quick class. Managed to fit this in before going to work this morning even though I slept longer than I meant to!
Perfect class for my friday evening to get some energy!! Absolutely love your energy too!!! I have enjoyed ALL of your classes :) Thank you!!
Thanks everybody!
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Every class I do with you guys is fantastic. My body feels great and my mind feels happy. You both make working out so enjoyable. LOVE IT!!!!
Thank you so much Sunny. Glad you enjoy our classes.
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