Stabilizing Theraband
Amy Havens
Class 2362

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Aw, Sarah...thank you so much! :) I really appreciate this comment....made my day!
Really lovely, Amy, you are definitely one of my favorite instructors to learn from and model for my own teaching. You are clear and relaxed, precise and encouraging. Thank you and all the best
Sharon.....thank you! I'm honored to teach for Pilates Anytime and knowing that I'm connecting to other teachers and helping inspire them......all the better! I'm a lucky lady! :)
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Thank you Amy for a lovely stimulating yet relaxing class. I just wanted to ask something if that is ok and you do not mind? I have a client who loves theraband work but has just been diagnosed with Arthritis and finds holding the band in the hands a bit painful at times. What modifications would you recommend?
Thanks for your time
nice class! I had to do some modification on the side bend, as I am tall and the band was really pulling uncomfortably on my shoulder as I brought my hand down -- I found I could just walk my knees over a bit to make the band longer in that side
Hi Peggy......great comment and yes, perfect way to give yourself more length to do the movement with greater ease!
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Amy, you're such inspiration. I love your classes and my clients do as well. Today, I borrowed some elements of this class and finally I got my clients to use their thoracic spine effectively. Thank you. Your big fan, Kat from Down Under
Katarina...thank you so much for this lovely comment! If I can help another teacher help their clients in gaining awareness, sensation, skill etc....then I'm a happy gal! :) I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment for me.
A line or two to express my admiration for you, Amy. You have to be one of the calmest and kindest instructors on board! Whenever I seek inspiration, I choose you. I love shopping around, but you bring the A. game. Kudos to you.
Loved it until it stopped three minutes before the end
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