Mat for Posture<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 2378

Mat for Posture
Cara Reeser
Class 2378

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Cara your teaching is always just what I need, and somehow challenging at any level.
cara, your classes are a gift. I love love love your longer classes. Thanks for mentioning hip replacement. I have several joint replacement students in my classes and it is important to recognize them and lead them.
Thank you Judy! It is so important to me that everyone can do Pilates. One size doesn't fit all is what Kathy Grant always told us.
Absolutely amazing! And your sense of humor .Thanks Cara...
Just the sort of class that is helpful to a lot of my members really enjoyed achievable moves.
thank you Cara for your class.
I love learning from wonderful cuing
and watching you guide your people!
Judy George
Just what I needed after a long day of teaching. Thanks
Thanks Cara for this class. Love to see so much KSG in it.
Really like your teaching style full of body awareness, great use of breath to deepen your awareness.
Thanks Mary
Emily M
Thank for you Cara for your continued focus on using Pilates as an antidote for our stuck forward lives! This is fabulous movement for thought that I will be happily passing on to my clients. You never know when a teradactyl might swoop by and swipe the smart phone. ;)
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