Mat for Posture<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 2378

Mat for Posture
Cara Reeser
Class 2378

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After a hard work day, with a terrible weather to go to the gym, this class at home was like an oasis.
My back says thank you Cara ;)
Alicia, so glad your back is happy. I hope you will keep watching.

Loved this! So love seeing "regular" people in the class! Thank you!
great cueing and fun encouragement!
The relationship between the hamstring and the low back was a revelation - not suprising when you actually think about it. Thanks for a fun and functional class, Cara.
I'm more and more impressed with your videos with every one I watch! You're a great teacher, very connected with your students, and fun, you also are very real, you act like your true self and I love that! I try to stay true to myself always, and that's what people relate to! I can tell you're also passionate about what you do! Love it!
Thank you Cara I've used this class 3 times this week. My shoulders and upper thoracic area felt released and amazing after the first session. I've also used lots of your ideas with my clients so thank you again for sharing your expertise.
Thanks Ladies I am glad this class is treating you well. Always great to hear.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Lucie Bécus
Always enjoy your classes Cara and learn so much - thank you!
Watching this class again, so enjoyable!! I love that idea that we all have a "Teaser" in us, lots of encouragement and humour😀
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