Energetic Reformer<br>John Garey<br>Class 2383

Energetic Reformer
John Garey
Class 2383

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Michele T
Amazing! Cues are on point and flow was incredible.  Very inspiring to watch as a new instructor
Mariana G
Absolutely wonderful class! John is incredibly clear and informative. The way he set up  the Reformers so you can see every angle, is very useful for a virtual class. Love to be able to see the footwork from the front. and the arm work from the side. Thank you John for another amazing class! I learnt a lot! 
Susan  T
I like John Garey because he doesn’t talk talk talk talk all the time…..unlike most of the instructors at Pilates Anytime
Susan  T
Excellent class!!!
Susan  T
A great class! I love John Garey’s classes!
Nancy K
John love your teaching! You explain everything ! Thank you!
Nancy K
Great class! Thanks for the explanations John!
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