No Flexion Mat<br>Blossom L.<br>Class 2396

No Flexion Mat
Blossom L.
Class 2396

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Loved this class- so wonderful to have some new ideas for my clients with osteoporosis. Thanks!
Kathleen M
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Great for prenatal!
Thanks for watching this video. I use these exercises in my classes often. I hope you find them useful too!
Something new and fun! Loved the work in bridge , the rolling side was fantastic, lovely to add to a class to freshen things up
This is the first time taking your class postnatal and it is exactly what I need. Challenging yet super safe for my diastasis and hernia. Plus you always make me smile and laugh. Love you, Blossom!
I loved this! Many thanks.
Loved this class, taught some of this to my mums and babies class they loved some a of it but hated the foot work 😱😱 thanks Blossom 😊
Love your work and your sense of humour!
Nice and nourishing.
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Great low-bone-density-safe options.  Thank you. Too many of the instructors in Pilates Anytime videos ignore the reality and prevalence of low bone density in their use of forward spinal flexion.  Dianne
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