Wake Up your Feet<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2414

Wake Up your Feet
Amy Havens
Class 2414

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Jump! Great class Amy...thanks for clarifying spring settings...and the additional eye exercise.
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Thank you Amy for this good lesson.
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A little sweetness. Thank you Amy.
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I love the idea of "luscious" breath! You give such creative cues. Thanks for this fabulous new class!
Thanks gals! :)
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Love this routine and what an effective jump board routine...my inner thighs were burning !!
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Thank you Amy Havens!!!! see you next time? of course!!!! i always enjoy your classes, they are fully of work, clues, and a very good flow and energy!
Hi Kelly.....:) glad you felt it.....and had fun I hope too!
Hi Judit.....Thank you so much! :)
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Hello Amy...thank you for this inspiring lesson...gonne try it very soon
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