Wake Up your Feet<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2414

Wake Up your Feet
Amy Havens
Class 2414

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Thanks, Amy! Great class .... as always! ;)
My legs are going to feel this one! Thank you Amy! Merry Christmas!
Thank you Amy for the workout this morning - celebrating my 62nd birthday today. What a great way to get a jump on the new year.
What a wonderful class! I enjoyed the variety. Thank you, Amy.
Lovely workout, adding to my favorites :) Thank you Amy!
Patty Hafen
I really enjoyed the gentleness of this jump board session - that is, not to focus on how high you can jump, but on the articulation of the foot when landing. I also liked the side bend with the forearm on the shoulder rest. Thank you Amy!
Thank You Amy! I teach a ton of jump board classes and always find inspiration in your classes!
I loved this.i wasn't sure I knew enough to teach this class, But now I feel comfortable. Thanks so much. I know I'm going to watch again
Another lovely jump class from Amy - thank you!! The foot warm up at the start made a really nice difference.
Thanks Amy! Great class! Love the inner thigh focus! :)
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