Mat Workout
Michael King
Class 2421

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OMG! That was amazing! Feeling supple and strong. Thank you!!!!
Thank you guys I really appreciate the comments
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Ahh... Mr. King -- you're so lovely ;)
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It always feel likes brilliant when I work out with Michael king...a true master. Thank you for your style
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You are totally inspiring and just have the most wonderful calming teaching method. You inspire me to do better!
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Loved it! Exactly what my body needed after many days of hiking and travelling in a car! Space, stability and mobility♥️
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Thanks for a great class Michael! Just looking for some inspiration for a foam roller class I'm teaching next week and lots of lovely variations - challenging too. Always loved your style of teaching - did my initial training with you and Malcolm back in 2002 in Solihull!!
Absolutely loved this class . Michael you are amazing 
Some lovely ideas for class tonight, Thanks Michael :)
awesome :). I selected the class since it looked nice and easy... how wrong I was - but it increased tempo gradually and got me feeling much more energetic! Thank you!
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