Fluid Mat Progressions<br>Michael King<br>Class 2421

Fluid Mat Progressions
Michael King
Class 2421

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Such a fantastic teacher, I love this session. Thank you Michael x
It's great! Thank you very much!
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Amazing for balance, and shoulders!
I'm teaching a Neuropilates class next week and wanted to focus on balance and coordination, but was lacking inspiration. You made my day! More videos, please!
Sarah Pritchard
I really enjoyed this class, especially the fluidity of the movement, really good for getting my dancing body moving at the start of the day, I hope we can have some more classes like this please!
Amazing clase! Love your work!
Absolutely wonderful. What a treat. I love the flowing movement and precise cuing.
Amazing as always! Absolutely love it!!
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Beautiful class as always Michael- I applaud the girls for their effort and achievement in the teaser especially - wow - and just when you think its all over ...there's more ... thankyou for a great class
Now I'm inspired to give my next classes! Thank you!
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Michael, you're wonderful! Just finished doing this....boy oh boy! You made the movement of knee lift then rolling out look so easy...lots of practice needed on in it and the teaser. Thanks very much....more videos please. Also love your butterfly cue! Ciara x
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