The Front of the Back
Jennifer Golden
Tutorial 2435

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Loved it! Jennifer, thank you for your clear and delightful presentation. I hope you do more anatomy tutorials like this.
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Really interesting! I'd like to see more of these contents.
Thank you Jennifer!
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Great information and well presented. Thank you. Keep these tutorials coming!
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WOWWOWWOW! This changes everything! So rich!

And I *think* I can see how this anatomically relates to Kathy's song taught by Cara Reeser.

Great reference!!!
Thanks, Cheryl! At risk of being obvious, I could go on and on about anatomy and movement!
Guiseppe, I agree! I'm so glad Pilates Anytime is integrating these kinds of tutorials in the programming. So happy to be a part of it!
Thanks Bonnie! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Miriam, I am so glad to hear it has brought you new discoveries! Keep exploring!! Yes, I relate it to "Kathy's Song", too.
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HI Jennifer, Great stuff, but instead of the balls and bands why not look at real bodies? Seeing the "bags" in the lab was eye opening. No body ever told me there where "bags" in there.
Jeannene, I too am all for seeing "the bags" as one might in an anatomy lab (I've personally participated in Gil Hedley's lab 8 times... so far ), however, the very nature of a tutorial on our website is to inform all Pilates enthusiasts, not just teachers, with the information offered. Despite our (yours and my) affinity for wanting to know what is "really" going on inside the body, I am certain Jennifer is following our instructions to keep the information available to all of our members, including those who may not be as inclined to see the "bags" actually.

That said, I really appreciate your feedback and will think more seriously about including a workshop on anatomy (with pictures)! Thank you!

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