The Front of the Back
Jennifer Golden
Tutorial 2435

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more more more. thank you,,...gotta go - gonna watch AGAIN!
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Great tutorial! Thank you!
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As someone that has been plagued with some back and psoas muscle issues at times, this tutorial was very interesting. Please do not hesitate to spout off your wisdom on the psoas muscle as well. I am listening intently. Thank you
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Very informative and clear tutorial, I liked the demonstrations at the end. Please consider a tutorial about psoas/pelvis/sacrum, i.e. overuse of psoas and pelvic floor.
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Loved it Jen! So looking forward to working with you in a few weeks! xx
Hi Michelle and Tina. Thanks so much for your comments and your interest!
Yes, the Psoas is a fascinating a complex muscle! Ida Rolf referred to it as something like the Great Bridge between lower movement system and the spine. Both it's overuse and underuse can contribute to disharmonious patterns.
I completely agree, if would be lovely do dedicate another tutorial to the lower region of attachments. I *think* I may talk a little about the tensegrity of this system in my Reformer Class on this site, although it may be indirect in my discussion of Thoracolumber Fascia and how sacral position affects the functioning of that area. Enjoy and stay curious!
Hey Michelle K! Looking forward to it, as well!
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Brilliant! Thanks, Jen!
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Thank you!! Great presentation!!! I love it!!!
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It's sooo important to slow down and concentrate on the pelvic floor and breathing. Thanks, Jennifer
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