Athletic Jump Board<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2460

Athletic Jump Board
Courtney Miller
Class 2460

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A great workout! Many thanks Courtney!
Did it this morning the same!
Can you tell me to say which company your socks are ??
They are great !!
Marija B
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AMAZING!!! Love it! Thank you!
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Amazing as always. Will do this many times. Thank you Courtney! I always look forward to your classes!
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This class rocks!!!
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Galina, Courtney wears toesox and is an ambassador for this company. . The socks from toesox are amazing . I wear them all the time for both pilates Classes and all other activities from tennis to hillwalking . They are priced especially if you live outside the US but are worth it .
The individual toes have helped me hugely with chronic foot pain.
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Typo PRICEY not priced ??
My new absolute favorite!! This was so fun and as always excellent queing!!
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Really fun, great workout, creative new ideas. Thank you!
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Great class, thank you Courtney for a great workout.
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Hello lizanne,

Thanks for your fast answer!!
I will buy it ????
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