Athletic Jump Board<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2460

Athletic Jump Board
Courtney Miller
Class 2460

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I just absolutely love taking class with you! Your creativity always inspires me!
Courtney Miller
Hello Pilates Anytime family!! Wow, I'm so overjoyed with all your amazing comments! Thank you for your support and love! It makes me so happy to know you are enjoying this class :) It was so much fun film, and being able to work with Pilates Anytime is such an honor! I love finding new ways to keep Jumpboard work fresh and well balanced/full body (not just quad dominant). Yes, the socks I wear are called ToeSox. They are a wonderful, Carlsbad CA company. Thank you again! BIG HUGS!!
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Really enjoyed this workout. Great use of the thera band and small ball.
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genius!!! absolutely creative and challenging. So unique! LOVE LOVE LOVE every video you do!!
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Hi Courtney. Any chance you filmed a mat class???
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LOVE! Invigorating start to my day from the always lovely Courtney. Adore the variations on this workout. Thanks aplenty:)
Courtney Miller
Hi Lauren! Sorry, not this time around. But hopefully next time! Xx
Courtney Miller
Thank you everyone for your comments!! You guys sure do know how to make my day!!
Jeanne M
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I loved this class - wahoo! What a great workout - tough but fun. Thank you!
Praveena C
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Creative and fun workout. Thank you Courtney.
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