Reformer Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 2460

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I love you Courtney Miller! After I got all my own equipment at home, I was afraid I would miss being in an actual class....Your cues are great and the workouts are perfect and advanced. Being a Pilates addict, I am happy to know that I will never run effective workouts with your all your videos...: )
Thank you, Courtney, for an excellent session. Enjoyed use of the theraband and ball to focus proper engagement and enhance the overall workout. Can't wait to incorporate some of the moves into my classes.
fabulous! thank you Courtney Miller
Loved this!! Definitely will be adding to my next jumpboard class 💕
Thanks Courtney Miller for another innovative class. I just love how you mix in so many variations to the exercises. Thinking outside the box. I love it!!!!!
More than words. Very good class.
One of the best class in pilatesanytime ! Amazing. Fun. Terrific.
Just bought an allegro reformer and this is the first Time I used the jump board. Thank you so much for this class which really gave me many tricks on on how to use this jump board. Great class
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