Wunda Chair Opposition<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2461

Wunda Chair Opposition
Amy Havens
Class 2461

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Thanks, Amy! Love that you're a "fixer"!
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Oi Amy, adorei essa aula, a sua orientação, o toque para guiar o movimento e o uso da voz. Obrigada por compartilhar seus conhecimentos.
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Thank you Amy, love YOUR physical interventions, the seat on the chair, the hands on, just lovely!
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Thanks Gals!! :)
great one! and Nicole! pretty fierce! well done!
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Thank you Heidi....yes, Nicole did a great job, didn't she?!!!
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Simple but effective. I like that I can do this by myself in a little more than 20 minutes for a complete full body workout. One thing, when switching to front puil-up/pike, it would be nice to know what the spring load was changed to.
Hi Sandra....glad you enjoyed this class. As far as spring change for the Pull Up/Pike....I added more spring to give Nicole more assistance. I usually state what I'm changing.....must have missed that one. Thanks for pointing that out!
Great to see a beginner go into advanced exercises with ease.
Thank you Lisa...yes, she did a fantastic job with that, didn't she?!!
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