Rhythm and Tempo Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2462

Rhythm and Tempo Flow
Amy Havens
Class 2462

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I did this class in 2017 and back again today, it was so great! Loved the rhythm!! Thank you! 
Christin C
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Great workout! Loved the ballet leg Movements.
Julie S
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Loved how different this class felt, more!!
Thank you so much Julie S Christin C Jennifer A !!!
Susan  T
Very disjointed, and off rhythm often! And way too much talking. Will not do this class again
Susan T I set different rhythm patterns in this class on purpose so if things felt disjointed, perhaps you weren't understanding what I was offering, and that's ok.  I do talk when I teach == yes, teaching requires dialogue whether students are in the room or not.  I'm a teacher who gives plenty of description and guidance and understand that some participants just want to go through the motions.  I'm complimented often because of this attribute and will always teach comprehensively.  If you want a teacher who doesn't talk much, I'm not your gal.
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