Rhythm and Tempo Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2462

Rhythm and Tempo Flow
Amy Havens
Class 2462

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Fabulous class! Thanks for the inspiration :)
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Loved the concept of rhythm in your class. Discovered that I need more work on the side bend...??
Thanks for a great class
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I liked it alot:)) can we have a similar one with cadillac Amy:)
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Loved this class, thank you Amy! The rhythm counting helped me to focus on control, use less momentum and pay more attention to the muscles involved. You have inspired me to try other exercises with rhythm!
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Great class Amy and I love the tempo you added to it.Thanks for calling out which springs to use as sometimes instructors forget to call that out for those who are doing it at home.
Kim W
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So happy to see something new to do with feet in straps. Always a fan favorite, but can get a little stale. My clients will love it!
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Hi gals----wow, thank you for all this wonderful feedback! I think musicality and rhythm is so important and it sounds like ya'll do to! :) I'll keep playing with this and bring some more! I love to play music when I workout alone, and silence is good too. In the silence...there is rhythm though --- in breath and intention. That's the connection I feel we can tap into more often! :)
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I could totally here the rhythm in my head and feel the rhythm in my body. The queue for me that was huge was moving from my pelvis when doing stomach massage.. that was great! Loved your version of coordination...ouch (but in a good way)! I feel as if I'm going to sway my way through the night now! Thanks Amy!
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Awesome class amy! Thank u for a great workout! ??
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Loved this class Amy! Really helped me focus. The single leg footwork and stomach massage were challenging! Loved it. Thank you:)
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