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Monica Wilson
Class 2471

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Really like this class for deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the exercises, thanks!
I am an active 57 yo who broke her tibia skiing on 1/20. I got clearance from my MD to do this practice and I having it available on line at home works well. Is this a series? I can practice everyday since I am out of work.
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Virginia ~ Here is the playlist with the rest of the series. We are still adding more classes to the series so you can advance in your practice. I hope you enjoy it!
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I'm a personal trainer/dance instructor and developed knee pain when I rode my bike to Los Angeles from San Francisco a few years ago. The pain was ridiculous and was hard to do my work. I had some great results when I went to Mexico this past December and did Pilates there. So I decided to only do Pilates for 30 days to see if will help. It's been 5 days and I very impressed and excited to finally heal my ills and drop it like it's hot again on the dance floor!
I understood very detail of Movement. Excelent explaination.
Gracias Monica
Glad you enjoyed it!
Excellent class. Really felt I was working much deeper in each exercise. Thankyou
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I'm enjoying this series, but I have a question about form. I am not sure if this is a place to ask, but I'll try: I feel that I am doing everything as instructed, but my tailbone hurts when I do the rocking excersize. I feel like I am scooping a good bit, but does this mean I am not scooping deeply enough? Thanks in advance!
Bridget ~ Sometimes this can be an issue with your tailbone in general rather than technique. Niedra Gabriel offers some solutions for this problem in one of her Mat workouts. I recommend watching it for ideas that may work for you. I hope this helps!
Hi Bridget, Thank you for reaching out! Not every exercise feels good to everyone and we all have to modify one here and there. Some people have vertebra that protrude or have a previous tailbone injury that makes rolling uncomfortable. When I am working with a client who is experiencing discomfort, I will add an extra yoga mat or padding. This helps mainly when the the protruding vertebra is/are more in the middle of the back. When it comes to your tailbone, it might help but it can also make you feel less stable when you are trying to balance.
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