Head to Tail Connection<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Tutorial 2482

Head to Tail Connection
Deborah Lessen
Tutorial 2482

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Hi Deborah: so now your comment in a previous tutorial makes sense. You remarked that when supine and legs come up to say a table top, that the tail bone will naturally curl in reaction to the upper thoracic coming into flexion. This comes full circle to the notion of "neutral" pelvis. Can you speak to that because I think there is so much confusion around that notion everywhere.
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Yes please .I feel confused around that issue
I am confused about this, too. Tailbone off the mat in the hundred?
Here also confusion I don't get that 100 with tailbone off the mat ????
Niedra Gabriel did you learn new and important things from all the classes you took with Ms Deborah Lessen on PilatesAnytime?
You can answer the question posed by the four previous submissions, as you demonstrated!
Can we have an answer soon please.
Hi all- I can only answer briefly at this moment. Hundred is a FLEXION exercise. If the whole spine is in flexion, the tail will be off the mat(or at least not weight-bearing). We do not want to segment the spine, therefore we should not flex the upper spine and leave the pelvis in neutral. xxx
Conversely Ms Lessen, if we do the 100 as Mr Pilates taught it with the feet about 2" above the mat, the pelvis would not be curled.
As far as I know, Mr. Pilates wanted the toes at eye level.
I hasten to add that I intended no disrespect Ms Lessen whatsoever, and was only quoting what it says in "Return to Life" namely, "Lift both feet about 2" above the mat or floor, and "Raise the head with eyes focused on the toes".
It was most kind of you to reply.
I am intrigued by your work Madam.
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