Understand the Pelvic Floor<br>Brent Anderson<br>Workshop 2502

Understand the Pelvic Floor
Brent Anderson
Workshop 2502

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Holly, so glad you enjoyed the workshop and thanks for the push for CEU's, it really is a great service Pilates Anytime offers to all of us. Cheers!
The 2 min preview is more like 2 seconds.....Why?
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Isle Pilates ~ I'm sorry you had trouble with the preview. I just tried it and it worked for me. I recommend trying a different browser to see if that works better for you. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at contact@pilatesanytime.com.
Thank you Brent Anderson for your insightful and empowering workshop. I've returned to Pilates practice after 3rd child. Returning to general impact exercise I noticed stress incontinence for the first time (skipping, running). I do have a generally tight thoracic spine so I'm now empowered to see where and how my regular practice and your focus to exercise improves my symptoms.
Loving this course - thank you! Does anyone have the names of the research studies Brent mentions in the workshop? Id LOVE to read them. X Sj
Thank you for this workshop. I have learnt so much from it to put into practice. It reinforced the necessity of the use of breath to move rather than the relying on muscles. My pilates teaching skills will improve as a result of this workshop.
I think that Brent Anderson is a fantastic teacher and have enjoyed many of his classes on Pilates Anytime. I also think that workshops are competitively priced for their quality versus what you would pay to attend a workshop or learn the material from textbooks. I like the combination of theory and practice. All of that said, I was disappointed with this workshop. This topic is notoriously vague and difficult put into practice and I had hoped for more theory and practical teaching. The Q&A went too far off the topic in my opinion. I hope you find this constructive.
Hi Vanisha, I always like feedback, it helps me to deliver the best products and education possible. I would be very curious to know from you, what you were looking for and maybe I can address it to your needs. Thanks again
I have several pre/post-natal friends and this has really got me thinking about this topic. I am trying to figure out what the pelvic floor isn't and what it is, i.e. it's not about trying to stop the flow of urine, but it is about allowing the diaphragm to relax and move (i think, from watching your video). A physio i work with also encouraged me to work muscles that attach to the pelvic floor that are easier to feel (the obliques and adductors). As was mentioned in the Q&A session, without the qualifications to perform a pelvic floor assessment or access to an ultrasound machine, how can we see or feel that a client or even we ourselves are engaging our pelvic floor correctly? Are there specific exercises or cues that are helpful/unhelpful? How about props? Would also be great if you could link to any research about Kegels/the Kriston method and their (in)effectiveness. Thank you so much for replying by the way, I really appreciate it.
Hi Vanisha,
these are all very good questions. I feel that if we focus on alignment and load as Pilates teachers and improve our diaphragmatic activity we will have more spontaneous organization. When the diaphragm contracts with inhalation it descends and displaces the viscera and the pelvic floor will naturally descend. The real question we have and i remind you that we do not have the answer, is how do pathologies of the pelvic floor respond to breath, alignment and load. Our preliminary studies indicate that volitional contractions of the pelvic floor, like Kegels are the least effective. We feel that voluntary contractions actually interfere with normal neuromuscular organization in the motor learning literature. Hope that helps
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