The Business of Pilates<br>Cara R. & John M.<br>Discussion 2504

The Business of Pilates
Cara R. & John M.
Discussion 2504

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Reiner G
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Great idea. I missed the first discussion, but I will watch it now.
Great interview! I participated in one of Cara's mat classes at the San Diego PMA and absolutely loved it so I knew this interview would be wonderful also. I'm in Melbourne but would love to come over and have some privates with Cara one day... Perhaps the fantastic information from this interview will help me in growing my business to a stage where it will fund me to get back over there! ????
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Thank you! Always a big pleasure!
I am glad you all like this talk. Kimi, You are always welcome for a visit we would love to have you. Thanks all.
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Your views on topic just make a lot of common sense!
Thank you, Cara Reeser and Pilates Anytime, for taking the time to develop these invaluable resources. Cara, you always have great information.
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Thank you Cara and John for another wonderful discussion! Cara, I do have a few questions if you don't mind sharing your thoughts...

1) What is your stance on pay raises? When it comes to your contractors, do you offer raises to instructors at any point during their time teaching at your studio? I have heard of group class rates operating on a sliding scale based on attendance, but I'd like to hear more about your thoughts on the agreed percentage for teaching private/duet sessions. Is a percentage increase only appropriate if the session rates have increased? Do you have a model for assessing your staff for raises periodically?

2) Tying to my first question, how do you retain good instructors at your studio?
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3)In regards to studio management, what are your thoughts on over-booking the space? Do you set any limitations on how many sessions are booked at once?

4) How do you handle noise level in the studio? If clients, staff and the owner repeatedly ask an instructor to keep their voice down, but the problem persists, what do you suggest the owner/staff do? This is a specific question, but I have had similar conversations with instructors in my community, and it seems to be an issue across the board.

Thank you again for these incredibly informative discussions!
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Wonderful way to educate other business minded and ambitious Pilates instructors, thank you so much Cara, I learned a great deal from your expertise as embark on my continuing journey feeling more comfortable teaching Pilates for Every Body, while getting paid for offering an exceptional service to heal others.
First of all, I love Cara Reeser! This discussion and the previous really resinate with me as I just recently took over ownership of a Pilates studio. I am new to the area but have been able to retain previous clients and add new. I appreciate all of your advice and will be implementing your thoughts and ideas as I move forward. Thanks so much for this discussion!
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