Stephanie Herman
Stephanie Herman
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Cuts in first five minutes:( is this paid?
Yep this cut our for me as well at 5:11.
Having the same issue.
So sorry everyone, I will find out what is going on and have it fixed ASAP
Looking forward to watch the full video:)
We are sorry to everyone who had problems with the video. We have fixed the video and you should be able to see all of the chapters now. I really enjoyed this discussion and hope all of you do too!
How fun it was to be interviewed by Kristi Cooper, she made me feel so at ease.
These interviews are broken up into chapters, see all or watch the chapters that you are curious about.
Thank you for watching.
Great interview Stephaine! I miss your muscle ballet program., you certainly helped to keep me in performing shape . It would be wonderful to have more people teaching this fun, musical and interesting exercise program . Keep it up!
Thank you Karyn,
Good news, Pilates Anytime will have the first level of Pilates Ballet soon
Such a beautiful lady, inside and out! I hope I look that fabulous at 60 something! Will we see one of her ballet PILATES sessions demonstrated?
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