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Stephanie Herman
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Haha I just read Stephanie's comment above mine and answered my own question!
Thank you Carolyn
I also offer many workshops if you are ever in the Northen California area it would be great to meet you
Wow! I feel so lucky that we had a chance to meet such a special artist. Many times I found myself wanting to ask something or laughing with you:)) Thank you so much for sharing.
thank you so much Z A
Loved this. It felt like a fairy story with a happy ending. I always wanted to be a ballerina but am 5ft 11 so even fewer leading men for me! I have recently taken up pilates and am very much enjoying what it is doing to my body. I have.
some muscle memory from my dancing days and it is lovely that the pilates anytime classes are helping me use these muscles again. You are an inspiration Stephanie. Loved that you are so good at what do yet such a lovely person. I look forward to taking you class.
Fabulous interview! Very insightful. Stephanie, how do you combat nervousness, and does it vary today, from say a Pilates Anytime interview, vs. when you performed? Looking forward to seeing more of your instruction. Thank you Kristi for bringing Stephanie to PA.
Thank you both Karen and Hydie,
I look forward to you both trying the Pilates Ballet when it's up on Pilates Anytime- have you tried my "Finding your Balance" yet- it is the first stepping stone to my system.
Pilates Anytime is such a wonderful source.
Karen keep up your dancing muscle memory and it will only get stronger .
Hydie you asked about nerves- I did get nervous before performing, but with interviews the second they start I just focus on being true to myself and trust that's all is needed - " To Be Present"
I adore Kristi so being interviewed by her was a joy!
Good luck to both of you,
And check out my website for workshops.
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