Energize and Lengthen<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2516

Energize and Lengthen
Meredith Rogers
Class 2516

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Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!!!
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Perfection!! So glad Michelle inspired you. :) Of course, I´ll never be able to return to the innocence of enjoying "threading the needle" without knowing what awaits me during those side kicks/circles. lol Just an all round great class that goes directly to favorites.
Loved it!! So creative. I used a folded theraband which worked great. The way you teach Meredith always is just the right amount of challenge and ease for my body. Thank you!
Excelente clase Meredith!! As always very creative! I hope you can also make a class one day with gliding or sliding discs, that I also requested few months ago! Thank you again!! Ana Carla from Costa Rica
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Wow, I feel honored and appreciative that you met my request for a towel class. The resistance of the towel enhances every exercise for me. Leaving the push ups and lunges for the end adds balance and strengthening but I certainly needed some extra effort. Look forward to repeating this one! Thanks again.
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Ecellent workout!
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Great workout Meredith - thank you so much Milla xxx
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Very slow pace. Different class. Not sure if I liked it but it gave a change.
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Loved this sequence! Thanks, I feel amazing.
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xoxo!!! Love it!! I love to work with the towel and this workout was great!!!! Thank you, Meredith!
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