Energize and Lengthen<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2516

Energize and Lengthen
Meredith Rogers
Class 2516

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Besides your beautiful form, you always have interesting and fun variations. I also enjoy your running commentary/instruction on what your body is doing in each move. I also used a Theraband and it worked well. Great class!
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I second Sharon's comment....always love your ongoing commentary and I laughed out loud when you said "it's not a mirror it's a window".
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Love everything about the class! Lunges were fab- yes one side def wobblier than the other for me too! Thanks so much
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Loved this class! My triceps are burning after all of that towel work!
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Awesome workout!
Thank you all for taking class with me and for sharing your feedback. A very special thank you to Michelle for inspiring this class.
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I loved this class. My hands didn't get as sore as they do with the Therebands. The pace was perfect because there was enough time to really think about technique and placement. And I liked your comment about working with ease. I think my goal is working with intention and not just mindless repetitions. Thank you for inspiring me. And happy birthday. You look 14.
Hahahaha, Deborah!
I laughed out loud when I read the end of your comment.
14! Jeez!
I'm taking that as a compliment...along with the rest of your beautiful feedback.
Cheers to working with ease...xx
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Totally awesome Meridith!
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Wonderful! Thank you!
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