Adding Rolling Exercises<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2523

Adding Rolling Exercises
Monica Wilson
Class 2523

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Hi Monica. Really enjoying the starter series despite having done pilates before. Regarding pilates,should the back always be in total contact with the floor ? I was taught there should be a small space?
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Your teaching is perfect.. And you tips are excellent.. I've never been able to do the teasers before!!
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I really enjoy no matter basic or advanced every single class of yours Monica...Thank you so much
Winter J
Monica Wilson as this is a class that is focused on breathing, should I inhale when I lift my head to do the series of five? 
Rachel S
I hurt my back sharply when doing the third type of roll (where monica told us not to hold behind our knees, to find out if we were strong enough to do it that way). Thought I should let you know. Otherwise finding this series helpful.
Monica Wilson
Hi Rachel, Thank you for letting me know. I wanted to check in and see how your back is doing now? Did it hurt after the class? Is it still hurting? Have you ever had any back injuries? Thanks again for letting me know, Monica:)
Monica Wilson
Thank you Winter for asking about proper breathing when lifting your head! One should inhale to lift your head to your chest and exhale into the mat (expanding your lungs into the mat) as you round up a little higher and connect to your upper powerhouse to support your neck properly.
Gina B
Hi Monica, I started your beginners' class recently. Love the way you break down moves. But if I go back to repeat previous lessons, I find it hard to find my way back to the next new class. They are not numbered sequentially (eg, 1, 2, 3) but 2523. 2539, 2570...! I spend ages trying to find them, so am now reluctant to switch in & out. Is there any way to rename them in the right order? Also, they're called Romana's pilates?
Thanks, Gina 
Gina B ~ I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying this series. We can definitely work on renaming the classes, but in the meantime, you can see them all in order here. Also, they are listed under the style Romana's Pilates as that is the training that Monica did. I hope this helps!
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