Fletcher Barre Workout
Deborah Mendoza
Class 2537

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Excelente! Bueno el concepto de organizar pelvis!
Great class.
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Wonderful class and explanation of the Fletcher barre work. This is what makes it stand out among other barre classes!
Nice....very methodical....great way to bring awareness to barre work....also loved the "swivel to RDJ" sequence. Thank you
This is a gorgeous class...thank you Deborah
Love the linking of studio work to mat work ! Thank-you so much. I don't have any equipment as yet
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Needed this so badly... Perfect short class for getting back into my body... Love it!
Thank you. I enjoyed learning through you about Ron Fletcher's Barre work and the wonderful reminder of the beauty derived from slow controlled precise movement.
Lovely, graceful class. Thank you!
Very good vertical workout! Thank you!
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