Fletcher Barre Workout<br>Deborah Mendoza<br>Class 2537

Fletcher Barre Workout
Deborah Mendoza
Class 2537

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Jamie H
Barre has become a favorite of mine. I thoroughly enjoyed this video segment. There were several techniques that were used in this video that I was not familiar with. Its interesting to see the variation from instructors.
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Thank you Deborah for sharing barre work , hope to see more.
Great class as usual :)
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Waiting for more from Deborah...
A big thank you from Miami. I have struggled since a serious fall in 2016 and your barre sequence helped to “wake up” the external right lower leg. Thank you again!
more barre videos! so good!
That was exactly what i needed! I feel the tension on my neck and couldnt make any classical Pilates. This was a best option for me and great first Barre class in my life :)
Christina W
This would be so much better if it had music.
Robin S
really enjoyed this short wonderful workout~ thank you I feel very long and fluid  
Lovely class, thanks you Deborah:)
Lovely class - thank you 
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