AeroPilates Reformer Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2542

AeroPilates Reformer Flow
Amy Havens
Class 2542

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Nice choreography Amy. Looking forward to more videos.
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Please do more Pilates classes using this reformer,.
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Thank you so much for doing a class on this reformer Amy! I love the jumping with leg out and crossing behind. Absolutely can feel that working! I love your classes and look forward to more to come.
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The new camera angles are really helpful! Another great class Amy.
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Really enjoyed this class! looking forward to doing more like it.
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Agree with above comment the new camera angles make such a difference! thank you so much Amy I enjoyed this and look forward to more jumpboard classes. I work on a Stott reformer and have a cardio tramp which I love! have you tried that? I would be interested to see how they compare. Stott reformers do not seem to feature on PA?
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Nice variation!
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I have a Stott Pilates reformer with the cardio tramp and I'm so happy to see you starting to do workouts with the trampoline. I've been doing jump board classes with my tramp, but I always wondered with those if I should be doing something different to adjust for the equipment I have. I really hope you will do more classes with the trampoline. Agree that the camera angles really help!
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Thanks, Amy, for a fun, short class! As always, great cues and variations. Like DJ and Oranjegirl, I have the Stott cardio tramp and my clients love it! More, please!
Thanks gals...well, looks like I'll need to plan a few more classes using this Reformer eh?! Happy to do so! :)
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