AeroPilates Reformer Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2542

AeroPilates Reformer Flow
Amy Havens
Class 2542

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Jamie H
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I love using the jump board in my classes. However, the cardio trampoline looks even more intriguing and much more comfortable for my feet. This video was excellent and I appreciated the different angles that were used. It provided better visualization for me.
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I joined looking for classes to do on my aeropilates reformer! this is wonderful but sad this is the only one, please do more, its great for people at home with them. Thanks
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Thank you Jamie and Sharon....stay tuned, we're trying to film a few more classes on the Aero Reformer!
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I have an Allegro and appreciated cues for spring changes. 20 workouts are perfect when there isn't much time in the morning or between work and evening activities. Thank you, Amy.
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Fantastic a class as always Miss Amy. Thanks aplenty! Any jump board antics be it the trampoline or harder jump board is always appreciated! ??
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This was awesome! Please add more videos with this reformer as most of us at home have this exact one! So far the best class.
Thanks so much gals.....nice to hear you're all enjoying these classes on this Reformer. :)
Valya Karcher
This was a great class! I've been given 2 Aero reformers that I've re-gifted to clients, so this workout will be a nice one to tell them about. One reformer came from a neighbor who was literally on her way to the dump when she drove past my studio and decided to stop in... the other came from a woman who owns a home organizing service and the homeowner never used it. My clients love them! (But they still come to me because I make them do the stuff they won't do at home!)
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Wow- what a workout. Very cool jumping for nearly 20 minutes- after 25 min on the elliptical, this workout was far from easy!!!. Like the folks above, I have a Merrithew and cardio tramp. I usually do the regular jump board workouts with it, but I would be super stoked to see more with the cardio tramp. Thanks s much !Amy!
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Thank you for the cardio tramp classes please plan more!
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