The Hundred<br>Judith Aston<br>Tutorial 2543

The Hundred
Judith Aston
Tutorial 2543

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Thank you, Judith. I see a noticeable difference. Can't wait to try your GRF concept with my clients tomorrow.
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Thank you. I appreciate very much this kind of tutorial
Very interesting. Actually I am interested in Alexander Technique. Does Aston Kinetics have similarity with AT?
Thank you!! I saw the difference !!
incredible GRF
Jamie H
An informative video that is precise and short.
I loved this demonstration. I'm so new to PA, that I'm not sure what the acronym GRF stands for, so I can't wait to go to the terminology page and read more about GRF! I'm sure it's about everything I just viewed!! Thank you for this great video.
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Ground force reaction

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Mercedes Garcia Valino Romero, thank you for the GRF definition! Much appreciated.
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Superb. This is what length feels like.
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