Chest Expanison <br>Judith Aston<br>Tutorial 2546

Chest Expanison
Judith Aston
Tutorial 2546

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Valya Karcher
PilatesAnytime is putting out amazing content! Once again I'm thankful for such an amazing resource.
Wonderful cue - so much nicer to do this with crossed straps and feels more controlled. Can I ask what spring resistance you normally suggest for lever 1/2?
Hi Michele! I loved this experience too! Judith told me to put on springs that were normal for me when doing those exercises. I was on a Red or a full spring to do the cross straps on the box, kneeling and seated (I don't recall if the kneeling version is shown in the video, but I know we did it that day). That is the spring I normally would use for any of those exercises no matter what the level of my client too. I don't see there being a problem with lightening the tension (blue or half) for the box version, but I think it would make the kneeling version more challenging given less stability of the carriage and the seated version more challenging to sit up with less tension on the straps to assist, so I would keep it on a heavier spring for everyone, or modify another way if necessary. I hope that helps!
I love this! Already thinking about how I can adapt these movements for the Barre as I don't work with the Reformer/ Tower...thank you!
Thank you, Kristi and Judith!  For my Pilates colleagues,  as you can see, Judith is a genius, and is one of my mentors who so helped me find my voice.  GRF (Ground reaction force) is relationship with gravity and natural uplift, which I call "Down the Back...Up the Front".    Let yourself play till you can sense that these forces are not separate from one another...rather, they are an expression of our natural movement in the gravitational field...allowing support from the  ground EVOKES the UP...and whole body core coordination!
Great nuggets that I picked up from this!  Thank you!

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