Chest Expanison <br>Judith Aston<br>Tutorial 2546

Chest Expanison
Judith Aston
Tutorial 2546

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Thank you! I will try these and want to experience changes. I like this kind of video.
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Thank you, Judith, for another intriguing lesson. I really like your way of questioning how the movements feel and then your explanation of how your GFR concepts apply to the modifications. Can't wait to feel this tomorrow.
Thank you.
It is good to challenge us to think outside the box and give us the tools to be able to have a more accurate work.
Thank you so much!
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Thank you so much for these tutorials, I find the suggestions so valuable and can see instantly the changes they make. More please!
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Wow!!! one simple change and everything is like new. Kristy your body looks longer every time you crossed those straps/springs....I can't stopping smiling :) Thank you so very much Mrs. Aston.
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wonderful! The whole concept is so exiting and adds another keystone to understand movement and how it not just an exercise but a sensation! It takes awareness and love. And that is what you, Judith, radiate! You have such a calm and graceful way of helping Kristi to find what you want to transport in your teaching that I feel warmed just by watching it!
Thank you PA for giving us the opportunity to grow!-again!
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Wonderful - and so easy to put into practice! Many thanks.
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Well that just blows my mind! Opens the door to new concepts . I can't wait to try this. Brilliant .
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Thank you! These `small`things matter!
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