Seated Mat Workout<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2547

Seated Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2547

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That was great Niedra, really inventive. What I particularly like was how  much you were aware of your client and made adaptions to help. Some teachers just teach for themselves not their audience , this was a great example of the opposite. Thank you and I hope you are keeping well in these extraordinary times.
Niedra Gabriel
Jill  Thank you for your post - my personal job description as a teacher, is work with the client, look at them and help them, so I appreciate your recognising this. 
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great class, good ideas to teach clients online in quarantine!
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Great teacher, great class! Thank you!
Cynthia G
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I am so glad I found this class.  It is most helpful for me.  I "have a right hip!" This allows me to approach it from another angle.  You really can feel when your core is not working.  Loved the hamstring work.
Niedra Gabriel
Cynthia G so glad you enjoyed this class
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