Mat for Back Pain
Juan Nieto
Class 2556

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AMAZING! Juan is such a wonderful teacher and makes everything so clear.
This was really great! Loads of useful information. Would love to see more from him.
Juan gave such excellent information and explanations on safe movement for low back pain clients.  I tweaked my back yesterday and came across this workout--so glad I did.  It was somewhat of a tutorial and I benefited greatly from the deliberateness of the pace and the moves.  So often we just want to power through our workouts, but when your back is really hurting it is so important to slow down and pay attention to the fundamentals of movement.  Thank you Juan!!!!
Thanks Barbara. You're right, sometimes excessive movement flares up symptoms and it makes sense to slow down but not stopping completely from moving. Once the area is less sensitized, it's time to increase the pace and load again. 
Excellent cues and guidance! Very informative!
Thanks so much Memory 👍🏻
I loved that. So many wonderful new ways to tactile (both as an instructor) and a student/in my own body. Thank you. I especially loved the kneeling thoracic extension at the end. Not only did it instantly challenge my thoracic extensors. It really highlighted my asymmetry left/right. lol forward to practising that more. Thank you.
This class is a moving instruction.  The effort is subtle but you'll be able to put it to use in your classes that you take or teach right away.  I take this class to re-learn lumbar stabilization to minimize hip pain and balance my gait.  Great review of how the rectus abdominis are not the answer to everything.  Nice attention on the strength in the multifidus without causing clenching in the low back. 
fantasic class , very informative 
Love this! Juan is brilliant 👍🏼
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