Using the Oov<br>Daniel Vladeta<br>Tutorial 2559

Using the Oov
Daniel Vladeta
Tutorial 2559

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Great attention to detail. Thank you Daniel!
sorry it is saying no compatible source is available for this video? I have tried changing the video player options? any suggestions please?
I like this tool and class
Jamie H
I have never heard of an oov before. Is this a relatively new tool?
Hi Jamie,
We have been using it Australia for 8 years but just launched it in the US last October.
Beautifully explained
Daniel: I jutst started using the Oov will all my clients and they love it. However, consistently everyone is noticing that the prone position is not comfortable. They are feeling compression in their stomachs or intestinal region. One woman said she could feel her heart beating. I gave them the landmarks you show for placement, but when it's not right I ask them to move it to a place where it's better for their bodies. Is there a reason for this? Thanks so much. The Oov is definitely changing how both my clients and myself think about movement.
Thank you really helpful, very clear instructions, my Oov has arrived so this was really helpful so I can start using it till I can get to one of Daniels workshops in the UK. Must say really love the Oov so far what a difference it makes to movement.
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While I was watching you and Kristy talk I bought myself an Oov. I'm feeling excited to get on and create some space!
Terrific Abbey! Daniel is scheduled to film more with us soon!
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