Oov Stability and Balance<br>Daniel Vladeta<br>Class 2562

Oov Stability and Balance
Daniel Vladeta
Class 2562

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I love the Oov! Very exciting to see a whole class using it! I can't wait to share with my clients! Thank you so much!!! I hope for those who are new to Oov will give it a try. It is surprising!!!!
Great class. Having done Daniel's OOV training in Australia, it was fun to see the OOV used in a group class environment
Thank you, Daniel! It is great to see you and Oov on PA. We are having a blast with our Oov's here in upstate New York. Bravo!
The Oov has transformed mat and Pilates apparatus practice for me and my clients. Thank you Daniel!
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Got my Oov ordered and looking forward to climbing aboard for the ride. Such an amazing tool. Thank you so much Daniel. Looking to get some more training with you.
How can I order an oov?
Lila ~ You can order an Oov directly from their website here.
Hi everyone,
Thank you for your comments.
Lila, in the US and Europe, please contact Balanced Body if you are interested in purchasing an Oov.
Thank you again.
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Super class. I can't wait for more!
Great class, cannot wait for another.
When & where do you do workshops in Australia?
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