Oov Motor Control
Daniel Vladeta
Class 2564

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Not sure if I can get the Oov in Canada. Would you suggest using a foam roller in it's place for this class? I realize it does not have the same shape but am trying to work around not having an Oov ... yet!
I love the Oov!
My Oov should be delivered on Tuesday and this is the first video I'm going to try !! I can't wait. I hope that Daniel will be back to offer more mat classes with the Oov...
Absolutely love this. Thank you. Gotta get an Oov to get my groove on really!
Please could someone advise what size was used in this video. I would like to purchase one and I am 5ft 4ins weigh 51 kilos.
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Lani ~ I used a small when I was in this video. I am also about 5'4". I hope this helps!
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Thank you so much for this.
Just received my Oov this this week. I am loving how it it making my body feel. And the connections and awareness I am gleaning in the process. Thank you!
That was surprising,y difficult!
I keep coming back to this class as it is so good x
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