Mat Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 2579

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This was just a lovely class. I'm not pregnant but loved the cueing and the explanations. Wish i had had this when i had my three babies. Great workout for anyone.
Really loved this workout, currently 15 weeks pregnant. Great use of the band for both upper and lower body will be doing this one weekly for sure!
Wonderful class. Love your clear cueing and explanations of each exercise. I'm not pregnant but still found this class a great challenge! Thanks Courtney😊
I love the class, thank you
Tried this too and I’m not pregnant found some moves challenging especially the last two . Great workout
im ending my first trimester, i love this class but when lying up against elbows even though i am trying to recruit correctly I still feel a lot of pressure in my neck, any advice?
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just some feedback from another 6 months pregnant woman - I found this class way too hard! It felt like I was going to injure myself so had to stop. 
Thank you Courtney 🙏🏼I will use these powerful exercises with my pregnant clients!
I used this series during my first pregnancy, and I'm so excited to be using these workouts again for my second! I was able to bounce back quicker than expected after my baby last time, and I know these awesome workouts helped! These second trimester workouts are just as good as they were the first time around :) Thank you, Courtney! 
Courtney, I love your classes here on PA! They feel wonderful on my body and challenge me in the right way.  am currently 5 months pregnant with my second child. Would you consider doing another series of prenatal workouts? 
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