Deep Mind/Body Connection<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2579

Deep Mind/Body Connection
Courtney Miller
Class 2579

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Love this class! I'm not pregnant and found it challenging, lol. I'm 9 months postpartum. Thank you for sharing your insights on your experience, it really is a beautiful moment, and only gets better! Congrats, you radiate beauty! An inspiration to all the mamas-to-be and women in general.
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Wonderfull... Happy mom happy baby ...
Great class! Very challenging!
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Congratulations, Courtney! This baby definitely lucked out to have you as his/her mama! I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my second and was elated to find your prenatal classes! I love this mat class. A feel good challenge and flow. Love the standing work, love the four point kneeling with the band, side kick with the band, and the plank sequence! (I had to modify the plank work with my unstable SI, but that's the beauty of the class, even modified the moves are awesome.) Your are so creative and brilliant. I love your cues and tidbits of wisdom. High fives!
Courtney- it was so nice to meet you in Sydney! This class was everything you promised and so much more. All the best with the baby :)
Excellent class thanks Courtney and big congrats!!
Loved it! Thanks a lot for being such a great inspiration.
Gratulations Courtney !!! You look's so great !! Your workout is wonderful !!
I like your red top!! Please write me the brand from your top!
Many thanks !
Kim W
Perfect timing! I have my first pregnant client, and want to keep challenged and safe throughout this experience. Looking forward to more workouts!
Thanks for the awesome class!!! Hope you will be back for more mat classes. Congrats on your pregnancy- you are glowing!!!
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