Seated Posture<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 2620

Seated Posture
Tom McCook
Tutorial 2620

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This is a great little body wake up for lunch time at work! Thank you!
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Thank you Erin!
More mindful movement opportunities each day in the midst of busy lives to connect, align and refresh! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed! Thank you Pilates Anytime!
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Thanks for such a precise lesson on seated posture and transitioning to standing. Clear and calm:)
Maggie L
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"...for posture and moving well, we want to teach our body to keep our center of gravity as low as possible as often as possible."

Very well put, verbally and Kinesthetically!
Thank you Beverly and Maggie for you feedback! Very glad to hear you're enjoying the tutorial!
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Excellent!!! Looking forward to more tutorials from you. Thank you.
Alexandra L
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Very informative and useful. Tom's skeletal visual aides were very useful and his dry humor entertaining. That being said I learned a lot. Highly recommend this tutorial.
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A really good sequence for sitting posture. Very useful. Thank you!
Thank you!
So useful. Thank you for all the details and the visuals. Going to help a lot of my clients.
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