Franklin Method®-Fused Mat<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 2625

Franklin Method®-Fused Mat
Tom McCook
Class 2625

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A lovely way to end the day. Thank you.
Thank you so much Tom McCook, I loved this class!
Tom is so easy to listen to and follow instruction from. I loved the hip rocking with rotation of the joint, in fact enjoyed all aspects which is suitable and of great value to all levels. Thank you Tom.
This was fabulous. I am looking forward to more from you Tom!
Hi Tom,
I loved this class! I enjoy learning and using the franklin method
products. I would love to see more classes using his props.
It is so important to release the fascia in our body.
I will look for more classes like this. Do you teach more of the franklin method props on the reformer.
Thanks you so much.
Judy George
Hi Judy,
Thank you for your feedback. I don't use Franklin props on the Reforner but do teach the embodiment concepts and body design ideas in my cuing on the Mat and Reformer. This is more the heart of the Franklin Method.
Great class Tom Thanks you.
Love your cueing!
You have the ability to teach, educate and enhance every movement experience into something positive. My body feels amazing, but I felt every single inch of it. LOVED IT. I get so much out of every one of your classes. Cannot wait for more.
Inspiring class, so calm, kind and with a sense of humour. Love the flow. Thankyou!!!
Love how you integrate Franklin into Pilates! I've done some of Eric's workshops and they've changed how I teach. My body feels so good after this class, thanks!
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